When it comes to finding quality Atlanta carpentry help, there are lots of pretenders out there offering services for slashed prices, but as the old saying goes, sometimes you get what you pay for. When you call Kenneth Axt & Associates, you’re getting over 40 years of experience and the know-how that comes with countless hours spent diagnosing and treating all sorts of rotten wood issues. Perhaps you didn’t know that Kenneth Axt provides more than just top quality, high-end residential painting services, but indeed we are also ready and willing to assist with carpentry repair. Our reliable, trusted service always begins with our attention to detail in the estimate process. Our trained professionals will do much more than a simple visual inspection, and go the extra mile during their physical inspection of affected areas. This means actually taking the time to touch all surfaces to ensure the wood is solid and not merely held together with paint or caulk. While others might take shortcuts and miss the rotten areas prior to painting over them, we can assure you that will never happen with our dedicated crews and Atlanta carpentry pros here at Kenneth Axt.

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Atlanta Carpentry Pros You Can Trust


Why depend on Kenneth Axt & Associates to be your trusted Atlanta carpentry pros? As we mentioned above, we’ve got 40 years of experience to back up our service, and we won’t cut any corners during initial inspections that might lead to missing a rotten area. While you might find some less reputable contractors offering cheaper service, can you really trust their judgment and the quality of their work? We do the job right, checking everything from soffits to decks, and always replacing rotten wood with superior products like Hardie-trim that won’t ever rot. Plus we’ve got all the licenses, insurance, and certifications you should expect from a reliable contractor. So trust a Home Reports Best Pick and long-time local favorite to help handle your Atlanta carpentry needs. Contact us today and let us give you an honest estimate for a quality job.