Making a house feel like home. Certainly the people inside are the most important part, but what about the look and feel of each room? Of course, everyone has a different sense of style and interpretation of what that could mean. Besides furniture and other belongings, one very important aspect of setting the mood in your home comes from choice of paint colors. Some want to surround themselves with bright color, and others prefer cozier, natural tones. Regardless of your preference, it’s crucial that you find skilled, professional painters to really get value out of the job.

In Atlanta, there are many choices for interior painting contractors, and today we’d like to share some important steps to remember when selecting a painting company. If done properly, most homeowners need only worry about finding painting help once every 10 years. However, lots of low cost, low value crews are out there ready to cut corners and save time by sacrificing quality. With these helpful ideas, prepare to navigate the options and choose the interior painting contractors to make your investment worthy of the time and money spent.

interior painting contractors

  • Ask around town – Don’t just trust a web engine search to reveal all the best options. It’s very hard to determine the level of quality one can expect from internet results, so talk to family, friends, and neighbors. The best recommendation is from another individual’s personal experience.
  • Seek Competitive Bids – It’s always good to get a feel for the range of prices out there. Try as much as possible to get quotes for equivalent levels of service and materials, and realize that a very low price is likely to have a reason behind it. Either the work is shoddy, the materials used are shoddy, or both!
  • Vet the Company – Not all interior painting contractors offer the same level of quality, so you should feel free to question qualifications. Do they have proper licensing, adequate insurance, and a verifiable track record? Will they stand behind their work with a warranty?
  • Be Open and Specific About Your Hopes – Once you’ve whittled down the choices, talk to the contractor you selected about what you are hoping to achieve with the color and feel. Not sure about choosing colors? Look for a quality company that offers color consultation as part of the service. Also, when it comes time for the estimate, make sure they’re including all the small details that lead to good work, such as carpentry and drywall touch ups, and good surface prep.
  • Verify Certifications – Read testimonials if you haven’t already heard them in person, and also check out the reviews with consumer advocate groups such as the Better Business Bureau, HomeReports, and others.
  • Discuss the Quote – Make certain all prep, repair, and carpentry work is included, along with materials and other costs. Press for a firm timeframe, agree on payment terms up front, and verify what if any warranty is guaranteed on the work being done.

Hopefully these tips have given you some confidence to find the right contractor for the job that your family and home deserve!  Now let’s talk about a name you can count on to be that trusted contractor.


Kenneth Axt: Trusted Interior Painting Contractors


Atlanta area customers have been receiving honest, professional service from Kenneth W. Axt & Associates for over 40 years. Our crews never cut corners, and always work with the goal of providing lasting satisfaction to our customers. Our interior painting services run the gamut from surface prep and drywall repair, to painting any walls, ceiling and trim, to replacement of original baseboards, moulding, and trim. Plus we can also help with wallpaper and popcorn ceiling removal, kitchen or bathroom cabinet refinishing, and even color consultation. Count on an honest, fairly priced free estimate based on the work that needs to be done. We’re not interested in a just a quick prime and paint touch up. With attention to detail and top quality materials from Sherwin Williams we proudly offer a 10-year warranty.


With so many options out there, it’s tough finding the best interior painting contractors for the job. Contact us today at Kenneth Axt and see what makes us different. Let’s work together to give your interior the look and feel you’ve always wanted!