Finding a painting contractor in Woodstock that you can trust to do quality work at a fair price is easier said than done. With a reputation spanning over 40 years of experience in the metro Atlanta area, that choice becomes much easier with the pros at Kenneth W. Axt & Associates. Our team brings attention to detail, uncompromising commitment to quality, and responsive customer service, making us the painting contractors Woodstock and the entire area can trust to get the job done right.

We offer a full line of both residential and commercial painting services, with a special emphasis on high-end work. If you’re tired of hit and miss work from unreliable, unresponsive crews, it’s time to call professionals with a solid track record of successful service. Founded in 1973 by Ken Axt, the company remains family-owned and still adheres to the principles of integrity, fairness and honesty that he set out to uphold all those years ago.

From the office staff to the painters in the field to Ken and our other estimators, every level of the organization is focused on quality. We believe there are no shortcuts to a job done properly, and thanks to this discipline, we’re able to bring longevity and value to all of our jobs. With Kenneth W. Axt & Associates, you’re not just getting a crew with a van and some paint, but rather a trustworthy team of professionals who set out to be the best even if it means not being the lowest priced. Those are just a few reasons why we’re the painting contractors Woodstock can count on for consistent quality and honest service. Let’s talk a bit more about our qualifications below.

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Let Us Be Your Painting Contractors Woodstock


As we were discussing above, we’re not interested in underbidding and always having the lowest price. In fact, there are likely to always be others willing to go lower on a quote, but ask yourself if you’re truly getting the same level of service. Did they provide a thorough estimate and pay close attention to all aspects of the job?

Are they planning on addressing issues, or simply painting over them for a quick fix?

We’re the contractors Woodstock can trust partly because that’s not how we work.

Our commitment to quality includes addressing all potential carpentry issues, correcting problems with drywall and stucco, and generally ensuring all surfaces are properly prepared to receive paint before the first brush is ever wet. Once we’re satisfied with prep, the quality continues in our choice of top notch materials from the paints and primers to the brushes and other sundries we use every day. It’s all of these small details and focus on quality that allow  us to confidently offer a 10 year warranty* on our work!

Read Understanding Your Painting Estimate

Don’t just take our word for it though, read the testimonials of many satisfied clients, and note that we’ve been a Home Reports Best Pick for 16 years.

Contact us today if you’re ready for truly professional service from the contractors Woodstock trusts for great painting results!

Understanding Your Painting Estimate – The Kenneth Axt Painting Difference

Whether you are painting a 400 square foot family room or a 10,000 square foot exterior, the first step to a great result is THE PAINTING ESTIMATE. Cost influences the choice at every budget atlanta interior paintinglevel, so an accurate, detailed painting estimate is paramount to selecting the right painting contractor for your job. No one likes surprises, especially when they involve budget overruns on an estimated job.

At Kenneth Axt Painting, we take our estimation process very seriously. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality work product at a FAIR AND HONEST PRICE. We have more than 40 years experience painting Atlanta’s finest homes and you will benefit from the eye for detail that all those years bring.  Learn more about Kenneth Axt Painting here.

All of our estimates are performed by Kenneth or David Axt, the founding brothers of the company. They follow a 14 point process that includes the sight and touch of a professional so that details are not overlooked. Each estimate takes roughly two hours and is left with the home owner on the day it is completed.

On exterior painting jobs, we look closely for signs of wood rot, water damage, insect damage, protruding nail heads, caulking and so much more. For interior painting work, details such as lifting drywall tape, nail pops, caulking of trim work, or signs of water damage are noted and included in the estimate. The precision of the inspection provides the homeowner with the confidence that the job will be done correctly and last for years to come.

Other painting companies often “overlook” the maintenance details that we see as a matter of routine. The outcome is either that the estimate initially “seems lower” or, the problems are simply “painted over” and ultimately compromise the quality of the result.

Another key component to UNDERSTANDING YOUR PAINTING ESTIMATE is appreciating the differences in the materials that will be employed in the completion of your job. Kenneth Axt Painting uses only the highest quality Sherwin Williams primers, paints, stains and caulk, as well as top of the line construction materials for replacement.

While high end materials can cost more per gallon, it is well worth the investment because of the longevity that they afford. Using caulk which is the best on the market can cost $11 per tube but is a critical function in preventing rotting wood. Specialty materials may be used; metal roof paints that last twice as long as a regular house paint or $80 per gallon oil base metal paint for the iron porch railings. There are also special acrylics that are purchased to use on coach lamps and chimney caps.

In addition to the quality materials, CRAFTSMANSHIP goes hand in hand in producing a top quality result that will endure for years to come. Kenneth Axt’s painting and carpentry crews are hand-picked and trained exclusively by Kenneth to ensure that the high standards are followed to produce a finished product that meets our company’s quality guidelines. From meticulous carpentry to hand painted (not sprayed) trim work, where possible, our goal is to provide our clients with a satisfying experience that they will be proud of!

For a long lasting job, the devil is in the details. Kenneth Axt Painting crews even wash the exterior window, clean out gutters, caulk the coach lamps at the brick or siding knowing that these are trouble spots and need attention.

At the finish line, is the WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE PLAN. Our goal is to produce a job that lasts 10 YEARS OR MORE. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind of our routine maintenance inspections.

Take a moment to read our Testimonials and then Request Your Free Estimate today. You can always call our office at 770-928-8700 to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to arrange an estimate.

Detail, quality, professional, experience and warranty…you’ll be happy you used Kenneth Axt Painting Contractors.

Best Picks For Painters

When it comes to a painting company Woodstock residents can put their faith in to get the job done right, it’s an easy choice! Kenneth W. Axt & Associates has the experience, attention to detail, and focused customer service that homeowners and businesses alike can count on for a quality contractor experience. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that contractors don’t always live up to your expectations or their promise, but with over 40 years specializing in high-end, residential painting projects, Ken and brother David have a well-earned reputation of exceeding both. Our family owned and operated business is built on the foundation of exceptional service, getting all the details large and small correct, and trusting our many years of experience to inform our crews and office staff in all their interactions with our clients. With Kenneth W. Axt & Associates, you’re getting much more than just a crew with a van, ladders, and paint supplies. Every job begins with one of the brothers personally inspecting the proposed jobsite, and providing a fair, reliable quote for doing the work correctly. Now, that doesn’t always mean we’re the lowest price, and in fact there will almost always be someone willing to underbid us. BUT, did they truly do a thorough inspection of all the trim, woodwork, and other painted surfaces? Will they address potential carpentry issues and fix them as needed, or just paint over it and hope you don’t notice? That’s just one example of why we’re the painting company Woodstock can count on to do quality work. For jobs big or small, every customer receives the same level of detailed, disciplined service. Read more to hear about our consulting knowledge and commitment to quality materials.

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Need a Painting Company Woodstock Neighbors Would Recommend?


As we’ve mentioned above, it’s not always about the lowest price and best deal. With contractors of all stripes, you have to use caution in hiring to ensure you’ll get the work you’re paying for and the results you deserve. So call the painting company Woodstock residents can already recommend! Beyond our commitment to service and quality work, we here at Kenneth W. Axt & Associates are also proud to offer exceptional consulting advice based on years of experience. Ever spent an hour or two looking through paint samples and felt like you were going crazy? Fret not, because along with our full inspection and estimate, you’ll also receive a free color consultation from our trained experts whenever you call for a quote. Of course, we’re happy to paint with colors you’ve already selected, but if you’re unsure where to begin, trust that our trained eyes will guide you to the right shades and color values for your home or business. Plus, once we have settled on colors together, we promise to only use the highest quality products from brands such as Sherwin Williams to ensure that our job is a long-lasting success. From sanding and touch-ups to primer and paint, to leaving a cleaner jobsite than we found, you’re getting the best in service when you call Kenneth Axt. See for yourself what others are saying about us on sites like Home Reports, Trust Dale, the Better Business Bureau, and Verified Home Services. Contact us today and call off your search for a trustworthy painting company Woodstock.