It’s not always easy sifting through the many choices for contractors when you need work done at your home. When it comes to paint contractors Woodstock counts on to do a quality job, the search gets much easier thanks to the professional team at Kenneth W. Axt & Associates. With over 40 years in the business, we bring attention to detail, uncompromising commitment to quality, and responsive customer service, making us a trusted choice to handle your interior or exterior painting needs. We offer a full line of both residential and commercial painting services, with a special emphasis on high-end work. If you’re tired of hit and miss work from unreliable, unresponsive crews, it’s time to call professionals with a solid track record of successful service.

Founded in 1973 by Ken Axt, we’re still proud to be a family-owned and operated business, upholding our original principles of integrity, fairness and honesty to this day. From the office staff to the painters in the field to Ken and our other estimators, every level of the organization is focused on quality. We believe there are no shortcuts to a job done properly, and thanks to this discipline, we’re able to bring longevity and value to all of our jobs. With Kenneth W. Axt & Associates, you’re not just getting a crew with a van and some paint, but rather a trustworthy team of professionals who set out to be the best even if it means not being the lowest priced. Those are just a few reasons why we’re the paint contractors Woodstock can count on for consistent quality and honest service. Learn more about our service and track record below!

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Your Paint Contractors Woodstock


As we mentioned already, our priority is a job done right, which doesn’t always mean cheap. Rather than underbid and do shoddy work to cut corners, we believe in being upfront about repairs and prep work that goes into making a lasting, durable paint job.  There are likely to always be others willing to go lower on a quote, but ask yourself if you’re truly getting the same level of service. Did they provide a thorough estimate and pay close attention to all aspects of the job? Are they planning on addressing issues, or simply painting over them for a quick fix? We’re the paint contractors Woodstock can trust partly because that’s not how we work.

Our commitment to quality includes addressing all potential carpentry issues, correcting problems with drywall and stucco, and generally ensuring all surfaces are properly prepared to receive paint before the first brush is ever wet. Once we’re satisfied with prep, the quality continues in our choice of top notch materials from the paints and primers to the brushes and other sundries we use every day. It’s this attention to detail and focus on quality that make us comfortable in offering a 10-year warranty on our work. Don’t just take it from us though. Visit our site to read testimonials of many satisfied clients, and note that we’ve been a Home Reports Best Pick for 17 years running. Contact us today if you’re ready for truly professional service from the paint contractors Woodstock trusts for great painting results!