When it comes to painting homes in Fulton, Cherokee, and Forsyth Counties, we’ve painted just about every kind of home using every kind of paint. But recently we had the chance to do a great project in North Atlanta using Romabio Masonry Paints and it turned out really nice. 

A Brief History of Romabio Paint

Romabio is located right here in Atlanta. They were founded in 2011 by Christopher Lewis, Michael Aiken, and Patrizio Betti – each one bringing a serious set of knowledge and experience. Michael had been in real estate for twenty years. Christopher had been studying and working with ancient building techniques and modern alternative energy building materials and systems in Europe. And Partizio’s family had founded one of the first paint manufacturing facilities in Italy – he grew up in the business. Together, the three men had a plan to combine old-world materials with the latest scientific and environmentally friendly advancements to make amazing paints to last for generations.

We’ve been following their progress and testing their products. We were anxious to have a chance to use their masonry paints on this project because they’re eco-friendly, long-lasting, and they look great. 

The House Painting Project in Morningside / Rock Springs

The project was a lovely, million-dollar home in the Morningside / Rock Springs neighborhood of North Atlanta. The house was built in 2007 and made extensive use of old-looking red brick, while the back of the house was siding. It was holding up well, but new owners had purchased it a few years ago wanted to refresh it with a more modern color palate while not losing the character of the home. 

In addition, some light carpentry was needed to firm up the exterior deck and porch flooring – but we handle that kind of work all the time for our customers.

Painting Brick and Masonry in the Atlanta Area

When we’re talking about masonry, we are talking about a wide range of surfaces including river rock/pebbles, cinder block, concrete, brick, and many more. Sometimes stucco is considered masonry, but stucco usually has color pigments mixed into the material itself prior to application. Painting masonry surfaces properly has to take several things into consideration:

  • The kind of masonry (e.g., brick, block, etc.)
  • How long it has been in place
  • Current condition – (e.g., is it cracked, chipped, or flaking)
  • The climate and weather conditions it’s likely to experience
  • Environmental restrictions or limitations

There’s a reason we call our home-town area “Hot-lanta.” In the summer months we have high subtropical heat and humidity. In the winter we can have mild, almost spring-like days followed by freezing snowstorms and then immediately back to mild again. If you see a house with cracked masonry and peeling paint after just a few years, it means that they did not take these important factors into consideration. That’s why local experience is so important.

The Brick House Painting Project Looks Great – See the Results

Since the house was built in 2007, the brick and mortar were in pretty good shape. It also wasn’t so new that we had to worry about efflorescence (concrete salt leaching common to newly-built projects). 

This is what the brick house in Morningside / Rock Springs looked like before.

The home owners wanted to update the look of their home by painting the brick and siding areas in a modern, taupe color. Taupe is a gray-beige color that goes well with a wide variety of accent colors. Where a gray can feel cool, a light taupe can feel warm and welcoming without feeling boring or sterile. Sherwin Williams has a similar color called “Accessible Beige.” It was a great choice. It really made the trim and exterior lighting elements stand out much better. To go with it they chose a darker, complimentary color in the same palate for the window and door trim, eves, and gutters. 

After Picture of the Morningside Rock Springs Atlanta Brick House Painting Project Using Romabio Masonry House Paint
In this After image, you can see that the light fixtures and trim now really pop-out, the house is warm and welcoming, and everything has a fresher, more modern feel.
The contrasting color for window and door trim and eves looks great too.
This is a great picture of the side of the freshly-painted house.

Romabio’s BioDomus I Masonry Paint was an ideal solution. Because their masonry paint is mineral-based, it forms a tight, breathable bond with the underlaying brick and mortar. It also holds color well and resists fading in the hot sun. That means the house looks great now and will continue to look great for many years to come. [insert front and side after images]

Help With Painting Your House or Brick Home in Atlanta

The customers were very happy with the results, and we are too. If you need any help choosing the right paint product or color for your home – whether it is made of siding, wood, brick, or stone – give us a call. And we always give free estimates.

If you want more information about Romabio paint products, you can find it on their website.