Iron Ore: Sherwin Williams Color of the Month If you need a little drama in your life and in your home, Sherwin Williams color pick for March 2022 will definitely strike a cord. IRON ORE, SW 7069, is a warm charcoal that will play well with other warm earth tones as well as warm toned […]

Cobb County Best Pick Reports Kenneth Axt Painting is honored to have been selected by Best Pick Reports for the 23rd consecutive year in the House Painter category. The placement as a Best Pick is strictly based on our customer satisfaction rating each year. You can read a detailed explanation for how the score is […]

Before and After Exterior Composit Picture of the Morningside Rock Springs Atlanta Brick House Painting Project Using Romabio Masonry House Paint

When it comes to painting homes in Fulton, Cherokee, and Forsyth Counties, we’ve painted just about every kind of home using every kind of paint. But recently we had the chance to do a great project in North Atlanta using Romabio Masonry Paints and it turned out really nice.  A Brief History of Romabio Paint […]

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Eliminate or get rid of paint and painting smell, odor, and fumes fast and easy with common household items

Nothing makes a house look better than a fresh coat of paint applied well. There are a lot of different kinds of paint for different kinds of painting jobs – oil-based, acrylic, vinyl, epoxy, and more. But no matter what kind of paint you use and no matter how it’s professionally applied, all paints can […]




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