Iron Ore: Sherwin Williams Color of the Month If you need a little drama in your life and in your home, Sherwin Williams color pick for March 2022 will definitely strike a cord. IRON ORE, SW 7069, is a warm charcoal that will play well with other warm earth tones as well as warm toned […]

Table of Contents1 Cobb County Best Pick Reports1.1 Best Pick Reports Review1.2 Cobb County Exterior House Painting1.3 Cobb County Interior House Painting2 Cobb County Painting Projects3 Request Your Free Painting Estimate Cobb County Best Pick Reports Kenneth Axt Painting is honored to have been selected by Best Pick Reports for the 23rd consecutive year in […]

Before and After Exterior Composit Picture of the Morningside Rock Springs Atlanta Brick House Painting Project Using Romabio Masonry House Paint

Table of Contents1 A Brief History of Romabio Paint2 The House Painting Project in Morningside / Rock Springs3 Painting Brick and Masonry in the Atlanta Area4 The Brick House Painting Project Looks Great – See the Results5 Help With Painting Your House or Brick Home in Atlanta When it comes to painting homes in Fulton, […]

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Eliminate or get rid of paint and painting smell, odor, and fumes fast and easy with common household items

Table of Contents1 Getting Rid of New Paint Smell Now With Common Household Items2 The Lemon Water Method Masks and Removes Paint Odors3 The Coffee Grounds Method Masks and Absorbs Paint Smells4 The Baking Soda Method Absorbs Stinky Paint Fumes5 The Charcoal Method Absorbs Nasty Paint Smells & Aromas6 The Onion Method Absorbs Paint Odors, […]




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